Thursday, April 23, 2009

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1597. A whale oil lamp:

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1598. A plow clevis, this was used to attach draft animals to a plow beam, similar to patent number 311,405:

1599. A swing-arm mounted resonator for holding a telegraph sounder:

Manufactured by J.H Bunnell & Co.

1600. A Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Mobile Home Breacher for use by law enforcement:

This tool pulls the locking mechanism free of the doorjamb while simultaneously opening the door, as seen in this video:

1601. An Indian portable fire extinguisher and sprayer, used for brush fires or any other type of spraying, the bulges on the back keep the water tank from direct contact with the worker, so that it could be filled with icy water from streams or ponds and it wouldn't be too cold on the user's back, patent number 1,913,006.

1602. A clapboard gauge, patent number 370,019:

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